I perceive an essential need to connect the mind and the body for a quality therapy. I like to work with this connection not only during my session, but if the situation allows and the client agrees, I connect them with professional in other fields. All of them are experienced professionals, who understand their work and have not only visible results, but also many satisfied clients.

Vladimír Valouch

Physical trainer

Fitness trainer with more than 20 years of professional experience, working mainly with using your own body weight, focusing on an overall harmony of all muscle groups.

He has been interested in the perfection of managing the body since teenage. So, after trying out many sorts of sport he was attracted by gymnastics the most. Studying Physical education and biology at the University of Palacký, he managed to improve his knowledge in fysiology and anatomy as well.

Eventually he found his place in top-level sport in sport aerobics, where he became a world champion 3 times.

He constantly tries to promote healthy lifestyle in public – writing several books and giving speeches in Czech TV.

Recently, he focuses on the correct functioning of the body and conscious movement. He uses the DNS from professor Pavel Kolář to teach people the correct an economical movement.

I have been working with Martina for a very long time and it is a mutual benefit. At Martina you can see exactly how important exercise is to improve the psyche. I always know from her posture and movements that she is uncomfortable, but with exercise we correct these manifestations such as neck and back pain. Thanks to the fact that our cooperation is long-term and regular, she is always in good condition and perhaps also in good mood.

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Monika Házová


I graduated from FTVS UK Prague, majoring in physiotherapy under the guidance of Prof. Karel Lewit and Doc. MUDr. František Véle. I have been working in the field for 20 years and during my practice I have worked with a number of leading doctors and physiotherapists (Prof. Tomáš Trč, MD, Luděk Žmolík, MD, Miloš Barna, MD, Alena Pospíšilová, MD and others). I continuously deepen my education with a number of courses. I have been cooperating with top athletes, soloists of the National Theater and top managers for a long time.
In my daily practice, I very often encounter the connection between the psyche and the body. Without a “healthy” head, there can be no healthy body and vice versa. That is why I welcome the cooperation with Martina – an experienced coach and therapist.
Other courses I took:
Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization course – DNS Prof. Kolář A comprehensive course
triggerpoint therapy and global reciprocal muscle inhibition – Mgr. Petr Bitnar
Active segmental centering course 1st and 2nd no. – Dr. Pavel Švejcar … and others

Marek Zeman


It was already during my studies at FFUK, that I felt the need for direct practice and contact with the client. That’s why I started working in services for the mentally ill during my studies, where over time I changed a number of facilities – from a leisure club, through case management of clients to crisis services. As part of my job, I gradually realized that the work I was doing needed a stronger theoretical ground, so I began to look for a psychotherapeutic direction in which to continue. Gestalt therapy suited me best in the range of options, which is why I completed self-experience training at the Gestalt Dialogue institute. Thanks to my self-experience, I know very well that the client needs to connect reason and emotions, body and head for their development. I have learned to listen to physical signals and in my work I try to do the same with my clients. In recent years, I have been working as a therapist and consultant in the field of personal and professional development in both private and corporate contexts. I am convinced that private and professional life cannot be absolutely divided, which is why I work with clients on both private and professional contracts. I like to work with Martina, among other things, because we share the belief in the importance of working with the body. I like that she connects professional and private in her work, which is a starting point that we both perceive as key to effective work with clients.


Lucie Fellmann

therapist in the field of bioenergy and psychosomatics

For 12 years I have been intensively working with the body through massages, movement therapies, bioenergetics and psychosomatics. Through a creative, intuitive and individual approach, I help clients understand the deeper connections between the physical body and emotional mood and thus accompany them to renew and release vitality-life energy, full use of their potential, understanding the personality in terms of energy processes in the body and kinder approach to oneself. .

After studying massages at Dexter Academy, I completed a three-year study at the School of Natural Healing with MUDr. Soňa Hájková, which also included a self-experience process, the study of Chinese medicine, rehabilitation exercises, healthy diet, work with bioenergetics and much more. This was followed by a year of Zen Touch Shiatsu studies with Seymour Koblin and a six-month seminar in psychology at the Center for Lifelong Learning under the guidance of professors at Charles University.

At the same time, my work is my great passion, I continue my education in the field of body, life energy and spirit at the level of self-knowledge and for individual work with clients in private practice. I enjoy co-creating the bridge between the Eastern doctrines of body and consciousness and Western medicine and psychology.

Working with Martina is a great pleasure for me thanks to the tangible results in the field of working with energy and the body and especially thanks to the truthfulness and sincerity with which he approaches every area of life.

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