MgC Group

My biggest reference and a matter of heart is MgC Group – education company I have started together with Magda Prunerová 12 years ago. I really like that we have never stopped to come up with new ideas and develop along with our clients. We currently cooperate with more than 40 consultants and work with many clients across Europe and the USA.


“I worked on a career change with Martina. At first I had a problem to believe that such issue could be coached from the very beginning until the realization. What I consider being the biggest input and a surprise in the same time, was seeing that a real coach is really a guide, who “pushes” you, but also helps you to achieve your targets. I enjoyed the whole process so much and I am very happy I have decided to go for it.”

Pavla, Business Development Manager

“My coaching topic was a complete burnout in top management. I entered the coaching process feeling absolutely hopeless about any kind of solution of my situation. I approached it as yet another attempt to improve my situation. What I liked on working with Martina was the utmost genuinity of her supporting my mind trains, how she wasn’t afraid to oppose me in some situations, that were a bit uncomfortable for me at the very beginning. She knew how to structure my thoughts and work with my psyche in the same time (quite sensitive one those days). All of this makes me appreciate so much the achieved results of our coaching.”

Mathias, Regional Sales Director

“I have started my coaching with a certain amount of uncertainty. You see, I had tried so many things before, why should coaching be the thing that helps me! I have started working with Martina upon a recommendation of my supervisor. Our main topic was working with the team, motivation of a remote (international) team and setting priorities. I was astounded by the incredible structure, that Martina started our session with and kept until the very end. It was not only the structure, but the simplicity of aiming at the solution of the whole situation in the same time. I have managed to achieve the target I had at the beginning of the coaching and also managed a promotion, which was not even planned. The thing I would like to recommend to everyone: be precise in choosing your coach! Not every coach can coach!”

Martin, Global Project Manager

“I was recommended to try coaching by my superior at the mother company. He knew since the beginning, that I am not a big fan of coaching and that I believe no coach could possibly help me! Then there was also my reputation on the company as the “complicated case – knows how to do his job, but hard to get along with”. I was given an ultimatum! If you want to move forward, you need to work on basic topics. I spent a long time choosing the coach. I needed someone with personal experience in management, ideally someone with personal experience in their own business. I have eventually chosen Martina and informed her clearly from the very beginning about my approach to coaching. The main topic was about my possible promotion to top management. It has been more than a year now, since we began our sessions and I still refuse to finish my coaching. Not only have I achieved my targets, but coaching has become an incredible and constant inspiration for other topics, too.”

Christian, CEO

“I have met Martina at an open workshop of British Chamber of Commerce in the CR. I found her open approach to topics and problem solving very appealing. At that time I was amidst solving the starting Covid restrictions, my team being at home-office and to all of this – managing a remote team. As a mother of two, I felt being a complete failure – I could not get hold of anything, everything was slipping through my fingers, I didn’t even come close to meeting the requirements of my supervisors. After 10 sessions of coaching (including some sessions online), I have gained my self-confidence back, as well as the will to solve things, discover new approaches and most importantly: appreciate myself and my work.”

Petra, CFO, globální společnosti

“Martina was recommended to me by a friend, who works as an HR manager of an international company based in the CR. At that time I had just started my work in a new company, built my team and hoped everything will work nicely. I struggled with the corporate restrictions and rules, system of decision making at the headquarters and later on even demotivation in my team. That was the time when I started working with Martina – working on team setting, priorities, feelings and motivation of each team member including me. Then, after two months of hard work, Covid had arrived… I am very happy I have turned to an experienced and recommended coach. The result is not only a functioning team, but a team that manages constant changes and can even come up with new ideas and share them, as well as share their experience. I strongly recommend a team coaching lead by this professional and experienced coach.”

Olga, HR Manager

“I am constantly working on new ideas and thoughts with my team. In the quranteen and home-office times, we suddenly appeared in an ideological and emotional vacuum. We are an international team responsible for 40% of the company’s turnover. My colleague recommended me to call Martina and ask for cooperation. The way to our cooperation was nothing but easy. Martina is a coach who clearly leads you to a target and will ask questions or support mind activities that you didn’t want to hear in the first place! As the time has gone by, looking at the results of our coaching, I have to say that his particular coaching was the most effective I have experienced so far.“

Alex, Partner