I like so-called “live formats”. I.e. workshops or team coachings, where people create, share, come up with brand new ideas, initiate and then implement the change.

The outcomes and results from professionally led workshops allow immediate implementation into practice. And guess what? The participants love that and so do I!

To prepare a concept and realize a workshop, I cooperate with my mother company MgC Group.


  • Setting vision and strategies
  • Setting KPIs
  • Strategic decisions /decision making processes
  • Change management/setting change processes
  • Setting managerial communication between managers and particular teams
  • Critical managerial topics
  • And other topics from management field

Internal communication / communication in the team and between the teams

  • Setting priorities / directions in internal communication
  • Internal communication in the team / among teams – setting roles / responsibilities / KPIs / action plans /…
  • Setting / optimizing processes in the team / among teams
  • Change management – communication / motivation
  • Decision-making processes in the team
  • And other topics in the field of internal communication

Other selected specific topics

  • Crisis management
  • Psychology/sociology focused topics (e.g. identification of natural leaders in the team and their use for motivation and communication within the team…)
  • Gender topics – setting priorities / specification and functioning in the teams
  • Intergenerational topics – setting cooperation between generations X and Y
  • Psychologicaly focused workshop
  • And many more specific topics


  • Work in small or big groups, Method of prioritising, Gallery, Virtual team, Interviewing, Journaling, World Cafe, Reflecting team, Master Sharing, Brainstorming/Brainwritting,4 rooms methodology, Real project simulation, Gamification etc.